History of hypnosis
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Here in the mu­seum of hyp­not­ism we would like to in vite you to a jour­ney into the past of hyp­nosis, a past which reaches back far bey­ond the “an­imal mag­net­is­m” of Franz Anton Mes­mer (1734-1815), a past that can be traced back to pa­leo­lithic times. We have al­loc­ated the past of hyp­nosis to 9 halls. You may simply click on the hall of your choice, then visit fur­ther ones and in doing so be­come ac­quain­ted with this an­cient method in dif­fer­ent his­tor­ical frames that just re­peat the same theme of sur­pass­ing the usual lim­its of ex­per­i­ence.

We will ren­ov­ate the mu­seum soon.

Hall 1

Hall 2
Traditional Cultures

Hall 3
Ancient Civilizations

Hall 4
Mesamerism and Somnambulism

Hall 5
Magnetism in Germany

Hall 6
Hypnosis in Eng­land around 1850

Hall 7
Hypnosis in France around 1870

Hall 8
Hypnosis in Ger­many around 1900

Hall 9
Experimental Hyp­nosis and Hypnotherapy

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